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Claret Classic

As the name suggests, the main colour and air filter cover of this version is Claret Red, while the chassis is powder coated in Pitch Black. The Sterling logo is hand silk-screened onto to the tank in Vintage Gold and the pinstriping is hand painted in our Vintage Gold and Ivory White both on body and fenders, giving this version a very classy look.

The leather is our top “Testa di Moro” vintage finish, which matches the brown grips.

The “Herring can” headlight and stainless steel spokes give an even more accentuated 1920s look.
Lots of nickel plating for that luxurios touch: springs, handlebar, kickstart, rear brake, heel and toe gear lever, valve cover, headlight bezel and choke lever.

Highly polished exhaust, wicker wood basket, polished copper Klaxon Horn, Avon Speedmaster tyres and a set of 3 matching leather sheath covers complete this amazing looking version.

It certainly made it more fun to work even more reading with this productivity technique, and that’s what so many people loved about it
125cc version: €11,292 Incl. VAT (price valid for EU countries only) + shipping
230cc version: €12,138 Incl. VAT (price valid for EU countries only) + shipping
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