The Sterling Experience: Destination Here & Now

The Concept


Riding a Sterling is about being present in the moment, being connected, fully experiencing the ride and your surroundings. It is about enjoying the classic bike experience and style with modern, maintenance-free reliability.

When you ride a Sterling, you are in complete control. Our bikes are driven by motorcycle lovers, not computers. No ABS brakes, no computer controlled transmissions, just a rider, a bike, and the road. Simple controls for the simple joy of riding. Low weight, no plastic, all real steel, so you are in charge of your ride, a ride that feels alive.


The unique classic look of your own unique custom-configured Sterling is guaranteed to turn heads and our comfortable geometry will allow you turn your head and enjoy the scenery as you cruise in comfort and style. You are not flying down a tunnel on a computer controlled rocket with blinders on, you are at one with the road and the scenery, feeling true flow, freedom,and a long lost innocence.

team chegg at hackingedu training day chegg playchegg has always believed in shaking up the educational system by putting students first, so when the opportunity came to collaborate with hackingedu, we knew we had to join the fun