The Process

It has been more than a century since the first innovators pioneered two wheeled transport. Bicycles became motorcycles, and then motorcycles got faster and more sophisticated, but they lost their soul.

The Sterling Autocycle is a modern classic, a completely reliable hand crafted bike with soul.

We build the Sterling with no compromises. We are dedicated to the purity of the form, faithfully reproducing the first flat tank motorcycles, incorporating classic looks with modern technology, while insisting on painstaking hand- craftsmanship.
Over 200 hours go into the hand manufacture and assembly of a Sterling.


The classic bikes did not have modern safety features required for road-legal certification. In order to add required electrical systems and wiring that was not present on the classic bikes while preserving the form, we use the thinnest wire harness you can find on a modern motorbike, with teflon coated silver plated copper wire to reduce dimension, hidden inside hand-crafted handlebars and in the frame.

Our hand built headlights reproduce the classic aluminum and brass herring can look, but conform to modern street legal homologation requirements and provide perfectly even illumination.

Our front forks have the classic girder look of the earliest motorcycles, but they are made by milling solid anticorrosion ergal aluminum alloy that has been pressure-formed into high tensile strength cylinders, sculpting the bike from raw metal.


Our classic girder axles are updated with modern tight-tolerance needle bearings and are taken apart and reassembled by hand to ensure prefect bearing loads and a precise fit for the seals to ensure a long life. We use 1915 techniques along with 2015 materials and manufacturing quality, to ensure maintenance- free reliability for thousands of kilometers.
We make no compromises on our hand built high strength steel frames. We use pure steel, not alloy, for the lively feel of the classic motorcycle. Our manufacturing process uses extremely tight tolerances, allowing a maximum of one half millimeter deviation in dimensions up to 1,500 mm, less than one tenth of a percent error. It is a very subtle thing, but we think you will feel the bike come alive from the combination of traditional materials and modern precision.

Unlike other modern motorcycles, our modern classic, true to its roots, is all metal except for a few grams of plastic necessary for a safely insulated electrical system. Our anachronistic wires, necessary for required indicator lights, are hidden and our cables are wrapped in cotton canvas tape for an authentic period look. We do use a little of natural rubber, which was available in 1915, to dampen vibration and reduce noise. The engine is custom built for Sterling and meets 2015 emission control rules.

We use a costly nickel plating process to inhibit corrosion and give a peerless, glowing, deeply complex finish that remains true to the era of our inspiration. Chrome plating was not available at the time, and while it can look lovely, it looks crass and gaudy when compared to the subtle sheen of nickel plating. Parts that are not nickel plated are either powder coated or made from stainless steel to last through several lifetimes. To top off the bike, we use an Italian made leather seat.

Finally we offer a wide range of customization options in the form of accessories and color options for parts, so that your classic bike will look like no other. The end result – your personalized motorcycle with the form of a classic expressed in look and feel with the function and reliability of a modern bike, trouble-free and ready to ride with a friendly electric starter – silent, ergonomic and comfortable to drive, clean and economic in fuel consumption, lightweight enough to be easy for anyone to ride, and quiet but fast enough to let you go everywhere you want.


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